About Boyer Bookkeeping

My name is Suzanne Shively and I am a contract bookkeeper for Boyer Bookkeeping, Inc.  We are a small bookkeeping business specializing in QuickBooks software.  I have over 19 years experience utilizing QuickBooks and MS Office products.  I started Boyer Bookkeeping in August of 2007 and have grown my business one customer at a time.  We have an office located on the east side of Columbus in Bexley. We offer bookkeeping and tax services to individuals and small business owners.  I also work on site with a host of business owners, in the Columbus and surrounding areas, assisting them with various aspects of bookkeeping, accounting and tax related needs.   I perform a variety of tasks both onsite and at my office, including QuickBooks set up and training, data entry, reconciliation, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, payroll tax, sales tax, BWC reporting, CAT tax and employee benefit administration.  Soon I hope to offer small class training for QuickBooks software.

Contract bookkeeping is not for every business.  It is for the small to medium sized business owner who would prefer to contract bookkeeping services for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps your company does not have enough work for a full time or even part time employee?  Contracting also saves on payroll taxes, BWC and employee benefits.

As your bookkeeper I will deliver confidential and time efficient results. I will customize my skills to fit your bookkeeping and administrative needs. The initial analysis of your bookkeeping needs is totally free!  Thank you for visiting our website!

Suzanne Shively
Boyer Bookkeeping, Inc.
P.O. Box 91238
Columbus, Ohio 43209
(614) 928-3389 office